Flameless Venting Q-ROHR®


Safe and cost-effective solution for indoor applications


Safety and operating efficiency go hand in hand. The Q-Rohr® enables you to implement flame arresting and particulate retention explosion venting in closed rooms. No complicated ducts for outdoor venting or associated restructuring of production equipment are required. With the Q-Rohr®there is now nothing to prevent you from using the optimum layout for your production plant while guaranteeing the best possible explosion safety. In addition, Q-Rohr® is unrivaled in terms of running costs. Eliminating vent ducts saves you money not only on installation but also on servicing and maintenance.



The Q-Rohr® is ideal for indoor plants that are at risk of dust and gas explosions. Many new plants are equipped directly with the Q-Rohr® as it offers a wide range of flexible installation options. Retrofitting is also simplicity itself. The Q-Rohr® can be used to protect filters, dryers, cyclones and can be used with gases, hybrid mixtures, metal dusts, melting dusts or fibres.


Optional sanitary cover prevents accumulation / contamination of the Q-Rohr®  flame trap mesh in dusty areas.



The special stainless steel mesh filter inlet developed by REMBE® cools the hot flame gases (up to 1500°C (2732°F) or even 3000°C (5432°F) for metal dusts) extremely efficiently. This reduces the volume of gas ejected and extinguishes the explosion.


Your advantages

• Perfect protection of the surrounding area. Guaranteed flame arresting and particulate retention – no hazardous pressure wave effects.

• REMBE® is the first manufacturer in the world to be certified for metal dusts.

• The complete production process remains in the building.

• No running costs for vent ducts or external maintenance, a visual inspection is sufficient.

• The Q-Rohr® is a flexible solution – it can even be used in the middle of your production halls. Proximity to an external wall is not required.

• Integrated signalling unit for reliable monitoring.

• Noise level and rise of pressure typically associated with explosions are greatly reduced to an acceptable harmless level.

• Immediately reusable and operational after cleaning of the flame trap and replacement of the explosion vent.


Please note!
The combination of the Q-Rohr® and isolation systems prevents pressure waves and flames propagating to other parts of the plant.




DE 38 22 012;

US 7, 905, 244


Meets the requirements of NFPA 68

FM Approved

Certified in accordance with EN 16009 EN 14797

EC type examination certificate no. IBExU 11 ATEX 2152 X

SIL equivalent: SIL 2



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Product Information Q-Rohr®

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