Graphite Rupture Disc GRX®

REMBE® graphite rupture discs offer you the familiar REMBE® quality and reliability – even in extremely corrosive media, low pressures and high temperatures.

Like all REMBE® rupture discs, the graphite rupture discs are also manufactured in Germany. The maximum working pressure is 90 %* of the minimum burst pressure.

REMBE® graphite rupture discs are applicable for highest temperatures by using a unique chemical vapour deposition method (PyC coating). The rupture discs are applicable from -180 °C up to +500 °C under oxidizing and reducing atmosphere, +1,500 °C under inert condition.

Depending on the application and nominal pipe size, the rupture discs are installed directly between flanges. If required, you will also receive a suitable signalling device which, in conjunction with your process control system, will inform you about the rupture disc’s response. Nominal pipe size available from DN 15 (1/2”) to DN 600 (24”) with burst pressures from 20 mbarg (~0.3 psig) to 63 barg (~900 psig).


Your advantages

• Highest temperature resistance (+1,500 °C under inert conditions) and leak-tightness due to an innovative coating.

• FDA conformity**.

• Highest corrosion resistance.

• Extra long service life.

• Temperature-independent material properties.

• Product purity (carbon content ≥ 99,9 % for PyC coating).

• Reusable vacuum support.

• Simple installation.

*Depending on the respective application.

**Excluded processes with infant food and breast milk.



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