Grounding monitoring device FARADO® FIBC


Potential ignition source and latent danger for companies

The causes of electrostatic charging on systems and devices are different: Fundamentally, there is a distinction between the movement of solid and liquid surfaces against each other, the separation between solid surfaces, electrostatic induction, liquid atomization, and solidification potential. Consistent grounding monitoring can protect from this danger.

With the grounding monitoring device FARADO®, it is possible to indicate the functioning potential equalization through an extremely bright illuminated LED signal. Furthermore, the switching outputs can be used to actuate certain components, for example, to switch pumps on or off. Dangerous, charge-generating processes can therefore be stopped immediately.

Avoid ignition sources through permanent grounding monitoring!



Safe and supervised grounding is necessary during the filling and emptying of flexible bulk containers such as FIBC in potentially explosive areas. This is achieved by attaching two grounding clamps diagonally on the lugs of the conductive FIBC. This is the only way the resistance of the entire FIBC can be measured, and not just those of the tabs.

A special version of the FARADO® grounding monitoring system was developed for FIBC grounding monitoring. The FARADO® FIBC is equipped with 2 special FIBC clamps. Different cable lengths are available to connect the clamps with the FARADO® system.



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