Grounding Reeels / Grounding Cables


If you want to ground an object that is more than 5 m from the grounding point, then we recommend our static grounding reels that automatically roll back into the steel case after use. Because the cable retractors don’t exert any force onto the cable through their locking mechanism, lighter as well as smaller objects are also grounded securely without a danger of them tipping over or displacing.

With the cable retractors you can ensure safe workplaces, since there are no cables lying around which could represent tripping dangers.

Another advantage:

Grounding reels have the advantage that they are installed fixed, and are therefore always and everywhere available where they are needed. This “convenience” increases the chance that these grounding devices will also be used. Only the grounding creates safety.




The spiral steel wires are coated with hytrel and have a surface of 4 mm2. The lengths and specifications can be found in the table below.



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