Flameless Venting Q-ROHR® DFE for Gas Fuelled Engines



The situation
Shutting down coal-fired power plants, decommissioning nuclear power stations and reducing CO2 emissions are basic ideas of the green energy revolution. But this dramatic shift in energy production methods also requires solutions that guarantee the availability of a constant energy supply. The output of wind and solar plants is not constant. When it falls, other sources such as gas-fired power stations must make up the difference.

The most cost-effective protection solution for gas-fuelled Engines:

The challenge
An incorrectly functioning gas-fuelled engine can allow a ­flammable mixture of gas and oxygen to occur in the exhaust system. In the worst case scenario, this could ignite and cause an explosion – not only damaging the engine but also other ­components and creating a serious risk of injury to persons working in the generator building. Energy production and emergency power supplies would be out of action for an extended period. Unplanned stoppages of gas-fuelled engines therefore pose a significant threat to the stability of the electricity grid and energy supply security.

Q-Rohr® DFE

REMBE® has used its many years of experience in explosion safety to develop a system specifically for protecting gas-fuelled engines. It reduces downtimes to a minimum and thus increases power plant availability.

Q-Rohr® DFE permits flameless explosion venting in the ­generator building without the need for costly and complex ­venting ducts. If an explosion occurs, neither flames nor a ­pressure wave emerge from the vessel. Other areas of the plant and employees working in the building have the best possible protection. Normal operation of the power plant can recommence very quickly after an explosion occurs and the energy supply is secure.


Q-Rohr® DFE

is the most cost-effective solution for flameless explosion ­venting that eliminates the need for expensive conversion and construction work, e.g. breaking through walls.


Your advantages

• Rapid restart of operations.

REMBE® stainless steel filter ensures a high level of noise ­reduction ­during normal operation and in the event of an explosion.

• Eliminates the need for complex venting ducts and wall openings.

• 100 % seal tightness, to eliminate danger of asphyxiation.

• 100 % venting efficiency.

• Individually definable opening pressure.

100 % stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

• Connection flange in accordance with DIN 86044.

• No separate safety zones required in outdoor areas.

• No maintenance required, visual inspection by a technician is sufficient.



DE 38 22 012;

US 7, 905, 244



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