Rupture Disc Holder IG-KUB®-PTU

The unique design of the IG-KUB®-PTU rupture disc holder always guarantees the proper insertion, and enables the pre-assembly of the rupture disc. This avoids a damaging of the rupture disc, which can then be reused after dismantling, for example, within the scope of an inspection.

The IG-KUB®-PTU rupture disc holder is a flat-seat holder for reverse acting rupture discs. The sealing edge of the seat surface ensures a leak-free sealing through a fully-metallic clamping. The inside diameter of the rupture disc holder outlet performs a support function and guarantees the optimal opening behaviour when the defined burst pressure is reached.

The integrated pre-assembly bolts allow an easy and safe installation of the rupture disc. The holder can be used for a wide range of flanges and various pressure classes.


Your advantages

• Pre-assembly of the rupture disc for a rugged and secure handling with a defined torque.

• Multi-flange design, suitable for different pressure classes and flange systems.

• High degree of leak-tightness through a full-metal sealing.

• Available in a broad variety of materials.



Product Information IG-KUB®-PTU

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